Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Wish I had a camera! I blurted out when I tiptoed from of my
uncle's house. Wondering if it was a Kodak moment. No. It was water, water and
only water that had engulfed my locality, Dum Dum Park. I had read a lot about Kolkata floods but, this time, I had a real encounter with a similar crisis.
Sept 23 (the night before): It had started raining from 6 pm or so. Or rather it was pouring, literally. But, being in a posh media office it was impossible to fathom the severity within closed
doors. My parents, by 8 pm, had already alerted that it was getting worse outside. I did not bother much. Work got over at 9 pm when I came out for dinner. Yes, it was raining heavy. I was worried, but little. At 10 pm, I took my office vehicle, a Tata Indica, and headed straight towards my home. I was alone and warned my driver that he can't take the usual route — via Ultadanga— to the destination. But, he claimed to know better. So I abided. As it had had to happen, we got stuck near Ultadanga flyover. Situation was grim — water was almost gushing inside the vehicle. The driver, somehow, managed to careen through water in a style he
was quite adept with. We managed to cross the flyover and took the VIP Road. I peeped out of the window and saw the street lights soaked in rain water. But, it was no time to romanticise. We took left from Baguihati and drove straight. Soon, we reached close to my house and avoided all the possible streets that could have been under knee-deep water. But, luck was not in my favour and I was almost close to my home and Good God, it was water again. The vehicle was unable to move ahead. He geared and drove back to my uncles's house. I stayed back there for the night.
Sept. 24 Condition deteriorates
The day started with a bitter note when a kitten was wailing for help. The sky was grey with no signs of the rain God to give us respite. From the first floor of my cousin's house, what I saw was
not a usual scene — kids were wading through knee-deep water, rickshaws were honking to attract customers and a countable few were out on the street (probably, they had no other choice). I packed my bag and was set to go home. My uncle accompanied me. And
then, it was the reality that gave me a shock. He held three packets tight— my clothes and shoes — and I started folding my pants gradually. But, it helped little. As we marched, water was
getting deeper and I held my uncle's hand tight. It was difficult to balance and walk. Fun it was being first time thrown into such a situation. But, the thrill soon oozed out and a sense of disgust set in. But, we were not the only helpless one, a dog sitting on a brick wall joined us. Finally, I trudged back home. The ground floor of our flat was already under water. I bunked office. As it grew dark, things started getting worse. Meanwhile, power went off. We had a candlelight dinner too!
Sept 25: Stuck in waterworld
There was not of water to drink or bathe. Much to our dismay, our caretaker informed of rising water level.The municipality was hardly bothered and when asked over phone said "we are trying our best and have already sent a water tank". That was it. The CESC wasn't available and the phone line was perpetually busy. On top of that, our mobiles were showing signal errors. Stranded we were and remained so for the day.
Sept 26. Sun God smiled
On day 3, water did not recede. But, thank God! power came. I rushed to the terrace and what I saw was scary. Everything was floating. It was difficult to make out where the pond nearby has merged with the road and drains. It was a mess! Women and children were leaving in rickshaws in search of a safe shelter. The sight was worth shooting — an experience worth remembering for life...

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

statutory warning: All characters in the story are fictitious.

There are days when, in spite of all around, I can feel a void. Yes, I miss you. As always. You keep coming in my thoughts. But, I hate to call them memories. I fear you will become my past. Wish the fear never turns into a reality...

Wondering what these lines mean? Sounds like some love-sick moron’s narration. But it is not. It's difficult to shrugg off things easily. Dont' know when did the feeling sank into my system.

February 16, 2005. The Valentine's Day fever had just got over. But, the hangover was still in the air. Not that I am one ardent believer of these special days. But, at times, it's really difficult to overlook the importance of these days. Anyway, that particular day I got a mail in one of the social networking sites.
Hesitatingly yet curiously, I clicked on the mail and opened it to read what the stranger had to say. I had ignored many others like this. But, this one was of special interest. Wondering why? The name sounded interesting. (I am keeping it secret). That was it.

And the saga began. Soon, we exchanged personal e-mail ids. Everyday, religiously, I wrote one mail to him. I loved to hear from him and so did he (He said it once). Phonecalls were not on.
So we got to know each other. We were both students. Final year Masters. Away from home. But, he was away for a long while and I, by then, had a brief stint of staying outside. So, he was experienced — with his knowledge and encounter with the real world.

I remember writing to him from my college library computer. And then rushing to the computer lab as soon as our library time was over. With a throbbing heart I used to catch him on chat too.
I enjoyed it. Our fiendship till then.

We finished our study and we were placed. I stayed back in the same city. While he moved to
to some other. Almost after seven months, I mailed him my phone number. And a month after my snap.

It was a surprise one day — one of the sweetest surprises. I got his call and quite naturally it was difficult to make out it was him. I was thrilled when he told him. The best part of this friendship was that he has spent a lot on phone calls. I did not have enough to spend, that was my excuse always. So, we shared every thing under the sun __ from books to music to food, et al.

Knowingly or not, can't say, I had developed a feeling for him. I won't deny. Or, rather there is nothing to deny. The dent is so deep that I had to blog my feelings. Oh, what a foolish way, you must be thinking!

Yes, I told him too. As he wanted to know from the horses's mouth. I don't know if I was right. As they say "you should never feel sorry for your emotions, becoz that's as good as denying the truth".

More than two years...I am still waiting to see my friend "unseen".